Baal worship in the Universe

  • Paradigm Shift: some thoughts about the 21st Century
  • Baal worship on Planet Mars, as it used to be on Earth (1 Kings 18:25).We find images of anomalies on Mars that seem to be pretty demonically. In this case we caught an image of a pyramidal temple with a Baal statue in it. On our own earth this Baal-Marduk worship started in Babylon, rightly after the Flood, according to Moses (Deut. 4:15-19). In a later stage there was second evolution of this Baal worship in the Jordan city of Petra. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism are still multiple choice religions of Baal. This Baal worship is a celestial religion which is dedicated to satan. – 29 november 2015
  • Babylonian images on Mars; as the new world after the Flood started in Babylon as it will end there in the Latter Days. These images on Mars show us that the Marduk-Baal religion in Babylon came from above. And it is universal. – 13 december 2015
  • Een afbeelding van zwarte piet op Pluto toont aan dat piet inderdaad een occulte oorsprong heeft. Ook de mijter van Sint is een symbool van de Filistijnse afgod Dagon (Poseidon). Hij is de bek van een vis. (Afbeelding: Scott Waring) 28 september 2015
  • Since the famous face on Mars pictures, captured by the Viking landers  reached the earth, we have entered a new paradigm. Not only there seems to be life on Mars, but the creatures that had been spotted by the Curiosity’s camera seem to be much smaller than humans. They are maybe the half or a third of the size of humans. (1) (2) What we face is a demonic Mars. 26 september 2015
  • Was vlucht MH370 de ufo-ontvoering van de eeuw? Slangachtige patronen rond Kuala Lumpur Luchthaven. We hebben hier te maken met een Eindtijd scenario. – 8 march 2014