Isis and Assyria

Isis and Assyria

We have an ongoing discussion in Holland regarding the process of “radicalization” of young muslims. However, I do believe that these jihadists might be demonic possessed as the Bible gives us many examples of demonic possessions. The apostle Paul teaches us that we fight against spiritual forces and not against flesh and blood; Ephesians 6:12. Not the jihadists are our enemies but the demonic forces. Isaiah 14:24-27 teaches us clearly that both End Times Assyria (Isis) and Babylon will be demonic possessed world powers.

Islam is to my opinion a successor of the ancient Baal religion that had threatened Israel through the ages. The origines of Islam started in the city of Petra (Jordany) and not in Mecca. Allah, however in the position of a demonic entity as Baal or even satan has his roots going back to the Tower of Babel incident during the days of Nimrod, according to Moses in Deuteronomium 4:15-19. All the ancient deities have their origines in Babylon. As the Latter Days will close our eon around 2030 in Rebuilt Babylon again.

The goal of Isis would be the establishing of the Islamic Caliphate and the reviving of the ancient Assyrian Empire. As Assyria is synonymously for Osiris, it is Isis who revives Osiris. See: Isaiah 10:12; Micah 5:5.

Some people claim that the violence of Isis jihadists was similar to the violence in the Tenach. But these people are simply missing the mark with their claims. An explanation of the difference between both expressions of violence can be read here.

Others say that we will have to fight Isis, using military means. This may be so but the apostle Paul revealed another truth to us. He said that we struggle against spiritual and celestial forces and not against flesh and blood; 2 Corinthians 10:3-4. In fact, we should pray for the jihadists, who are victims of demonic possessions themselves.

The Isis Jihadists follow the same strategy as the apostle Jude Iscariot did when he betrayed Jesus. Jude wanted only to accelerate the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. He wanted to provoke Jesus to show his miracles amidst of the Romans. He just did not have the patience to wait for the Kingdom. He expected Jesus to show His real power when the Romans would come to arrest him. This is exactly what the Isis Jihadists do: they have no patience and they want to manipulate Allah, to accelerate the Caliphate on Earth. Instead of forcing the establishment of their Caliphate on Earth, by using violence, they should learn to ask, thank and receive as Harry Robert Fox wrote.

Isis and Tenach violence

Many people claim that Isis is using the same kind of violence as it is expressed in the Jewish Tenach. But there is a big difference between both expressions of violence.

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